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About Supreme Builds

Supreme Builds was founded in early 2016 by KodiSkills & Morpheus. They combine their skills and bring the world some awesome Kodi builds that are regularly updated and cutting edge. kodiSkills is most well known for the Titanium Build and Morpheus has many great builds to his name including the Quest Media Build and the Morpheus Build. Morpheus also creates some excellent customized builds like Supreme Kids and Cocktails. These builds are targeted specifically for particular audiences which is really a nice touch. Since Supreme Builds inception G.I. has also joined the build team and added his Cell X2 Kodi build which has been a fantastic and unique contribution. Supreme Builds will continue to grow and adapt as the streaming world changes. Aside from the builds themselves we have tons of combined knowledge, an amazing team of admins and moderators and some of the most helpful members around. Stay tuned as we keep growing and helping the community during this ever changing world of streaming. #StaySupreme